L. Rickie Tulloch’s platform is inspired by his four decades of service to our community. Rickie shares our values and understands our vision for our community. As our Councilmember, Rickie will always fight for:


Affordable Housing

Any new development in our community must have a set-aside of at least 50% of the units as affordable to current community residents.


Rickie will fight to increase funding for homeless prevention and rehousing services.


We need to increase funding for our schools and increase access to gifted and talented programs – particularly for elementary school students in our district. Rickie will fight for Financial Literacy courses starting in Junior High School.

Criminal Justice Reform - Safer Streets

We need to get the guns off our streets. Rickie supports increasing gun buyback programs. We also must stop criminalizing poverty – we should end cash bail, close Rikers, and increase funding for diversion and treatment programs.

Good Jobs and Fair Wages

Too many in our community are still unemployed, underemployed, or are forced to work two or three jobs to make ends meet. We must support small businesses and help them grow, invest in job training, and promote technology education in our schools.

Quality of Life Issues

Rickie has been a leader in the fight to oppose 4-day a week alternate side parking. It fails to make our streets cleaner, and results in inconvenience and increased fines and violations for local residents.

Protecting our Communities

We must protect the residential character of our communities by down-zoning our neighborhoods, while allowing up-zoning along commercial corridors with a strong affordability component.